Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fashion drawings,Oc + New schedule.

Hey everyone!Long time no see!I have been so busy with school,since I actually do an online school now its a bit hard to post often.But today i finished quickly and thought I would show you guys a few of my drawings!
Here is one of my ocs,Lena. She is ot a specific oc of any fandom just a character I use a lot :)
Here is the main way i draw her usually, she likes pie XD (Oh yeah and that random fail at a dragon eye on the side XD I have a small sketchbook)
My attempt at fashion drawings...Yep.

I am proudly anouncing posting on here more often.Im really exited!Im definitly going to show you guys some more art over the weekend!Im so sorry for not posting but school has kept me busy!Hugs!-Sophie

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sketching in pen ;)

So I have been  sketching alot more!I also got some colored pens so I decided to try them out!
Chibi's are fun to draw ;)
Just a girl having an awesome lazy day ;)
Quick sketch of Jessie from Team Rocket!
Hope you guys enjoyed these!My school starts soon but hopefully I will still have time to post!Hugs!-Sophie

Monday, July 11, 2016

Redrawing me as a padawan

Hey guys!Decided to do a quick redraw of a sketch I did 3-4 months ago.I didnt date it so thats my estimation.
Hey so here is the previous picture.P.S. I am so sorry for bad quality I dont have my camera with me so I took it with my webcam.
Sketch stage ;) (Omg that princess poster in the background XD,its my sisters I share a room)
And done!Sorry you can still see the poster in the background.I did this in a sketch page thats why there are other drawings there.So sorry about that.Anyway.So for the lightsaber choice I chose green.Green is the best color of lightsaber(XD in my opinion of corse)I even have a custom one i made in disney world, and guess what.Its green!XD But as usual jedi's keep their looks natural(as in clothing) So all clothing is neutral.Of course in later days I become a sith. >:3 
Oh yes im so evil XD Its really hard to do my hair, since my hair is a brown , dirty blonde, golden hair color,Omg that made it sound so complicated XD Well im done rambling!Have a good day :D

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Humanized Nick and Judy!

I had jut watched Zootropilous/Zootopia a few day ago!I absolutely LOVED it!
It was just AMAZING! If you haven't watched it yet I highly recommend it ;)
Anyway,I have done some of the actual characters which I shall post possibly tomorrow.I also have watched the more 7-8 times now. XD Im so not obsessed.Anyways here is my drawing.
Do you like it? Possibly coloring it later,if I do color it I will put it on this post!Hugs!-Sophie

Friday, July 8, 2016

New header !

Heya guys! So I made a drawing yesterday for my other blog which you can check out at this link.I had lot of fun drawing out my dolls and I think its a great technique to cartoon or draw somthing you normally wouldnt draw.For me that was making my drawings look like my dolls.I had tons of fun drawing this and here is the drawing! :D
Woohoo for new art!Hopefully gonna get some new posts up this month before my school starts again!See you guys later!Hugs!-Sophie

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the 4th be with you!~Ten year old trees.

 I Eh ATTEMPTED to draw Rey for Star Wars day.Im still working on my humans.Yeah.I have been drawing to many anime to do anything realistic at the moment!XDI am such a big fan of Star Wars,Rey is honestly tied for me my favorite female Star Wars characters along with Leia.I cannot wait for Rogue One!It is so cool to have a separate story line from the main movies,its quite unique considering Star Wars usually goes in episodes.

I was recently at my church and decided that I would share in the tree that I helped plant 10 years ago!This honestly makes me feel old!XD But oh well.The first picture is the tree I helped plant.
Have a great day!-Sophie(Who is sicced because next week is last week of school x3)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I failed at spelling nature like 5 times while posting the title.WOW SOPHIE JUST WOW!Anyway I was outside and I got bored so I ended up with these pictures.I have never posted pictures like this so I must be terrible!XD.Anyway ponies (Possibly)coming soon.Im just not sure because i dont have much time to do much!

 I find feet magical.XD I know that may sound weird but there is just somthing that it reminds me of fairies.Yes this is my foot(UGLYYYY!)XD

Well thats all.I taught my friend how to draw in my style.I regret because now she draws almost exatly like me and she gets more attention.:/ Idk what to say.OH WELL.I guess the lesson is you can help your friend draw but teach them to develop their own style.Lessons by a team rocket loving teenager.-Sophie(MEOWTH THATS RIGHT)